Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Makeup Forever Sens'Eyes - Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser Review

This is my favorite lotion type of makeup remover. I squeeze this in a small jar and dip a cotton swab into it and run it along my lashes to remove my HG MJ lash expander frame plus mascaras.

I only use this makeup remover in this way. I do not pump it into a cotton round and remove my makeup. I find that with any kind of lotion type of remover, when I do this I tend smear the makeup and it gets in my eye on my contacts.

I will always have one lotion type of remover for my lashes.

I have tried cheaper alternatives. The body shop chamomile waterproof makeup remover and the Netrogena version of a lotion makeup remover. I think the body shop one is most comparable and the Netrogena is a waste of money.

At $26 a bottle, it is definitely on the pricey side. The Body shop one is $11 for. The body shop is always running specials either buy2get1 or $$ off a certain amount. I would wait for a sale before you try it.

Overall I love the Makeup Forever Sen's Eyes makeup Remover. It is my Favorite and definitely Holy Grail material.


(stock photo)

My finished bottle!

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