Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crest 2 hour express white strips reivew

I bought these a while ago to use for special occasions.

Let me just say BEWARE!!!

I had high hopes for this product. It promised whiter teeth and its 2 hours which makes it quick and easy! I am a very lazy person, I admit it! At $50 a box it wasn't exactly cheap. I saw a promo for it and with rebate I paid about $6 for the box. I was so excited, I went for a cleaning and decided to would be the perfect time to try these! Clean and white teeth! How can that not sound appealing!!!

Background: I did use to have braces... 8 years ago??? I tried the 14 day ones and the 5 minute touchup ones and they work well and didn't bother me too much. After the 14 day ones my gums did feel kind of numb.

These 2 hour ones... Oh my gosh! My teeth are still aching so horribly. I put them on at 10:45 last night and kept them on till 12:45am. Afterwards everything was fine.

As soon as I went to sleep around 3am I could sleep the whole night! I felt shooting pain through my teeth and gums. It felt like I had my mouth open through an icy snow storm and the sharp wind is slicing my teeth and gums and its a constant throbbing pain.

You get four in a box and you should use one every 2 months.

As for the whitening properties, it performed okay, my teeth are still a bit yellow but noticeably whiter than before use. The results are similar to day 7 into the 14 day treatment. The strips itself are longer than your 14 day ones and they adhere better.

I do think my gums were a bit more sensitive than usual because of my cleaning however to experience this much pain is still very abnormal! I would be very ticked off if I had to pay full price for these strips. Overall I would urge you not to purchase them unless your very impervious to pain and you do not have sensitive teeth and gums. I would recommend you try the 14 day ones. The pain is not worth the results in the case of the 2 hour express strips.

It still hurts and it's been 14 hours since I've taken them off. I am considering taking pain killers but I want to properly gauge how long the pain will last. (I can still eat and drink but the pain is still there.)

Edit: After 19 hours the pain has subsided for the most part.... I am looking forward to a good nights sleep. 


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