Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Brunch at kyotofu 10.2.11

One of my bestest friends took me out to brunch at kyotofu in hells kitchen!

It was definitely on the pricey side but every was really good!

We started with some onigiri and I had the chicken tofu burger and she had the bento box.

The burger was topped with red radish(??) and the chicken and tofu blend was moist and delicious and the side of sweet potato chips were crunchy and not greasy at all!

For dessert we got a sampler plate and a green tea cupcake ( what they are known for)

The cupcake was topped with some matcha made creme which had the bitterness that makes green tea absolutely divine. The cupcake itself was brown on the outside and a deep green on the inside. I swore I could tell exactly what brand if matcha powder they used!!! The side of vanilla ice cream had too much vanilla bean for my taste and I would prefer if it was smoother. I also did not care for the berries on the side but presentation wise it was very pretty.

The dessert plate consisted of macaroons, matcha cube??, molton lava cake and cookies.

I don't like macaroons but these bite size ones were delectable. The molten lava cake had a deep dark chocolate flavor with only a little bit of melted chocolate cake in the middle. The small bed of caramel complimented it very well. The cookies were a bit too sweet for me. It was soft of the inside and nevertheless a very good cookie. (hehe) The matcha cube was good and could be too sweet for some but I love matcha so I didn't mind it at all.

I loved this place and if given the chance I would come back. ( Though I would skip the onigiri)

Side note: DARN! I miss my stop writing this post! Haha till next time...



  1. okay this post makes up for the beef one =p

  2. Oh my god, your post has made me hungry, it's raining and there is nothing in my kitchen :(

    Next time I'm in New York, I'll have to try those cupcakes!!

  3. next time your in new york I can take you to my favorite places! hehe


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