Monday, October 24, 2011

Sweet tooth - DessertTruck Works

One of my besties took me out to her favorite ramen place. Everything was so delicious that I digger right in so there are no pictures.... =[

I did however try to contain my excitement when we went to Dessert Truck Works!

We had two macaroons, the passion fruit and the salty caramel. We also ordered the chocolate bread puddding with bacon fudge.

The macaroons have to be the best I ever had and I loved them. ( Did I mention I dislike macaroons??) They were that good!!! At $2 each they are pricey but I would still urge you to try of you ever got the chance!!!!

The salty caramel had sweet sugary goodness with a deep caramel middle. I didn't find it salty at all, it seemed more like normal caramel with me. That being said it had a very smooth and deep caramel taste. The texture wasn't sticky and definitely didn't stick to my teeth. (Didn't get a chance to snap a picture again)

The passion fruit is a must try if you are a fan. One bite and I could taste the sourness that comes with real passion fruit. I was immediately brought back to my childhood when my grandmother use to buy me passion fruit juice when I use to visit her in the Caribbean. Passion fruit juice is made by boiling down real passion fruit and has an intense sweet and mildly sour taste and has an opaque orange brownish color. Yes it was that amazing. It is rare to find this type of passion fruit flavor. I savored every bite.

The chocolate bread pudding surprised me! It is definitely what I had in mind when I think of bread pudding. It had a layer of warm chocolate cake almost brownie like but not as dense and deep chocolate syrup but not as rich as the consistency of fudge. Topped with bacon bits and lastly a dollop of real whipped cream. The salty bacon bits and the chocolate complement each other very well. I even liked the whipped cream, which was definitely not your typical store bought cream, this cream is definitely fresh and whipped to perfection. Not overly sweet at all.

I can't wait to come back to sample the rest of the macaroons.

DessertTruck Works
6 Clinton St
(b/t Avenue B & Houston St)
Lower East Side
New York, NY 10002

NOTW - Julep Maven Alfre

This is a very gorgeous metallic purple taupe.

Julep describes it as a metallic purple with shimmer.

I don't see the shimmer but the color is absolutely divine. It is most definitely a metallic purple. It has very high shine even without a top coat. The polish applies easily and is opaque in two coats.

It was very hard to get this in a true to color shot.

It started chipping about 2-3 days but its one of those prep lodges that chips gracefully if that make sense.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My first Julep Maven - American Beauty

I received my first Julep Maven Box today!

I ordered the American Beauty box.

You can get your first box for $5 using the code WELCOMEMV5 (instead of the usual $20 a month.) that's 75% off!

For $5 it's definitely worth a try.

The contents include:
Julep facial for hands: Glycolic hand scrub full size (retails $32)
Julep facial for hands: Glycolic hand scrub sample packet
Julep SPF 30 hand cream sample packet
Julep nail polish in Drew (hot pink) (retails $14)
Julep nail polish in Alfre (purple taupe) (retails $14)

Not really sure why they gave me a sample packet and a full size of the exfoliator, maybe packaging error?

Everything was packaged well and arrived in one piece.

I have colors similar to Drew so it is not a color I would be drawn towards but I absolutely love Alfre. I'll be using this very soon!

I would not purchase the exfoliating scrub individually and nor the nail polishes because they are so pricey. I have plenty of face exfoliating scrubs at home and I would normally just use that for my hands and body. As for the nail polish, $14 for .27 fl oz/8ml is very little product. Compared to an Essie polish at .5fl/15ml at $8, I would much rather purchase an Essie polish.

However with the discount code, Julep Maven is definitely worth a try!! I do not think I would pay $20 for this box but I think I might try another month to see what I might receive and determine if it is worth continuing.

You can learn more about the program at
Sign up for their newsletters to receive coupon codes and deals if this is something you might be interested in.

Note: I skipped the month of November because I didn't like the contents.


They hand written my name on the top of the letter, nice personal touch!

NOTW - Essie Sexy Divide

This is a very gorgeous deep royal purple... It is also impossible to photograph. I tried everything including direct sunlight but for some reason it shows up blue instead of a purple.

Essie says its a bold deep purple with hints of shimmer and I completely agree. I would urge you to try this color if this is something to your tastes.

A stock photo from google for reference. 

Missha Pure Source Sheet Mask - Olive Review

I am going to start a mask series to review and keep track all the masks I ever tried.

My first post will be on the Missha Pure Source Sheet Mask in olive. It suppose to be a nourishing and moisturizing mask.

The sheet mask itself is a little thin, and the sheet doesn't fit my face. It is very big and wide goes an about half an inch into my hairline from all sides.

There isn't a lot of serum in mask or the packet but there is an adequate amount.

I can't say I feel moisturized after the mask and not much of a nourishing effect.

Compared to other masks I have tried, this masks effects don't last. The hydrating effects dont even last more than an hour, while other masks keep my face plump all night long.

I do see a slight radiance to my skin but I am sure the effects are all but temporary.

Initial effect: 2/5
Hydration: 1/5
Firming: n/a
Whitening; n/a
Scent: Light fresh scent that doesn't linger
Overall: 1.5/5

I got this as a gift with purchase and I can safely say I will not be wasting money purchasing this mask.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Project 10 pan update

The first product is The Body Shop Tea Tree Gel. I purchased this very recently so it shows how little product was in here. I have a review on it already.

The second product is the Walgreens brand makeup remover. I can't stand this makeup remover any longer. Even though it's half full I decided it's going straight into the trash. I had to rub so hard last night my eye started to get red. It's not worth the trouble.

Third product is the Swedish Skin Apple Rejuvenation Serum. I bought these when they were buy 1 get 2 free. I assume they went out of business or reorg the whole brand because the products are no longer the same. I liked this but its not very hydrating. It feels nice on the skin leaving it with a slightly tight feeling and has a very pleasant scent that kind of smells like apple sauce and it feels like a light apple mush... (haha) However I don't think it does anything. i have one more of these left to go. =)

1. Tea Tree Gel
2. Walgreens Eye Makeup remover
3. Swedish Skin Apple Rejuvenation Serum

Monday, October 17, 2011

I love packages!

My Avon order came in... YAY!!

First impressions...

The bottle is really tiny...

It has this chemical light fresh kinda scent. It lingers for a while. I could live without it...haha

It is pretty hydrating and I do like this product but I think after I finish these for bottle I might want to try something else. =]

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A lil Japan In my Life

I went to Mitsuwa in need of a cleansing oil and some munchies... Hehe

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara Review (non waterproof/waterproof)

I tried the non waterproof version first. When I saw the ad for this mascara when it first came out I was so captivated by it. It promised definition plus it was suppose to hold a curl!!!

The shape of the brush was also very intriguing to me also. It promised to really get into my lashes which I agree it did.

I can't say I was disappointed. I loved this mascara at the time. It has a wet formulation and applies easily and I didn't have clumping issues. My only issue was that it smudged under my eye at the end if the day.

Then I saw Rimmel finally came out with a waterproof version of this mascara. I was so thrilled. I hated this version. It had such a dry formula that didn't coat my lashes well. I didn't see it perform too much better than it's non waterproof counterpart when it came to non smudging. I still experienced slight smearing.

I would recommend the non waterproof version of the sexy curves. It performs well and is a very decent mascara. I would not recommend the non waterproof one because I think the formulation is unimpressive.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Munchies: Caramel Bugles

Sweet and Salty satisfies any craving.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I luv iOS5.

iMessage in the same message app?

Pure genius.

Makeup Forever Sens'Eyes - Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser Review

This is my favorite lotion type of makeup remover. I squeeze this in a small jar and dip a cotton swab into it and run it along my lashes to remove my HG MJ lash expander frame plus mascaras.

I only use this makeup remover in this way. I do not pump it into a cotton round and remove my makeup. I find that with any kind of lotion type of remover, when I do this I tend smear the makeup and it gets in my eye on my contacts.

I will always have one lotion type of remover for my lashes.

I have tried cheaper alternatives. The body shop chamomile waterproof makeup remover and the Netrogena version of a lotion makeup remover. I think the body shop one is most comparable and the Netrogena is a waste of money.

At $26 a bottle, it is definitely on the pricey side. The Body shop one is $11 for. The body shop is always running specials either buy2get1 or $$ off a certain amount. I would wait for a sale before you try it.

Overall I love the Makeup Forever Sen's Eyes makeup Remover. It is my Favorite and definitely Holy Grail material.


(stock photo)

My finished bottle!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara waterproof review

Not all black mascaras are alike. This one has a deeper black than your typical drugstore black mascara.

It also has a very wet formula which I love. I have never been a fan of dry formulas.

It does very well at lengthening and thickening my lashes. The only bad negative about this mascara is it doesn't hold a curl too well.

Overall I really enjoyed this mascara. I would probably not repurchase because i have so many to go through and so many more I want to try however this is a mascara I would urge you to try.

ELF mineral mascara

This tube of mascara costs $3.

I did not like this mascara. It didn't really do anything. It doesn't lengthen that well, mild volume and doesn't hold a curl. The brush doesn't apply on a lot of product.

The tube I had was close to empty after 2 weeks of NON consistent use.

Overall I would not recommend this mascara. Please save yourself the $3.

L'Oreal clean definition telescopic mascara review

I admit I only bought this because it was a hyped mascara.

A lot of people have said it's a very lengthening mascara and defining mascara. I agree. It does do a decent job at lengthening and defining however it's horrible at holding a curl. It almost immediately droops you lashes after you curl them because of the somewhat heavy formula.

Overall if you do not have a problem with the natural curl of your lashes you will enjoy this mascara.

However if you have lashes like mine that require a lot of work to stay curled then this mascara is not for you.

Friday, October 7, 2011

My very first Candle!!! - Strawberry Mousse

I decided to pull this out and make some use of it. It is the very first candle I ever burned in my room!!! ( excluding bug candles ofc)

NOTW - Sally Hansen In the Navy

Sally Hansen hard as nails xtreme wear - In the Navy 41

NYC long wearing nail enamel - white lights glitter 101

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Perhaps my favorite lipstick - Elf rosy raisin

This very well could be the first lipstick I finished... (because I lose them faster than I can use em)

I love this lipstick, it's smooth, moisturizing and good everyday color for my lips. This would definitely be on my top 5 lippies!

I would repurchase it again but I have so many other lippies to go through first.

Crest 2 hour express white strips reivew

I bought these a while ago to use for special occasions.

Let me just say BEWARE!!!

I had high hopes for this product. It promised whiter teeth and its 2 hours which makes it quick and easy! I am a very lazy person, I admit it! At $50 a box it wasn't exactly cheap. I saw a promo for it and with rebate I paid about $6 for the box. I was so excited, I went for a cleaning and decided to would be the perfect time to try these! Clean and white teeth! How can that not sound appealing!!!

Background: I did use to have braces... 8 years ago??? I tried the 14 day ones and the 5 minute touchup ones and they work well and didn't bother me too much. After the 14 day ones my gums did feel kind of numb.

These 2 hour ones... Oh my gosh! My teeth are still aching so horribly. I put them on at 10:45 last night and kept them on till 12:45am. Afterwards everything was fine.

As soon as I went to sleep around 3am I could sleep the whole night! I felt shooting pain through my teeth and gums. It felt like I had my mouth open through an icy snow storm and the sharp wind is slicing my teeth and gums and its a constant throbbing pain.

You get four in a box and you should use one every 2 months.

As for the whitening properties, it performed okay, my teeth are still a bit yellow but noticeably whiter than before use. The results are similar to day 7 into the 14 day treatment. The strips itself are longer than your 14 day ones and they adhere better.

I do think my gums were a bit more sensitive than usual because of my cleaning however to experience this much pain is still very abnormal! I would be very ticked off if I had to pay full price for these strips. Overall I would urge you not to purchase them unless your very impervious to pain and you do not have sensitive teeth and gums. I would recommend you try the 14 day ones. The pain is not worth the results in the case of the 2 hour express strips.

It still hurts and it's been 14 hours since I've taken them off. I am considering taking pain killers but I want to properly gauge how long the pain will last. (I can still eat and drink but the pain is still there.)

Edit: After 19 hours the pain has subsided for the most part.... I am looking forward to a good nights sleep. 


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Brunch at kyotofu 10.2.11

One of my bestest friends took me out to brunch at kyotofu in hells kitchen!

It was definitely on the pricey side but every was really good!

We started with some onigiri and I had the chicken tofu burger and she had the bento box.

The burger was topped with red radish(??) and the chicken and tofu blend was moist and delicious and the side of sweet potato chips were crunchy and not greasy at all!

For dessert we got a sampler plate and a green tea cupcake ( what they are known for)

The cupcake was topped with some matcha made creme which had the bitterness that makes green tea absolutely divine. The cupcake itself was brown on the outside and a deep green on the inside. I swore I could tell exactly what brand if matcha powder they used!!! The side of vanilla ice cream had too much vanilla bean for my taste and I would prefer if it was smoother. I also did not care for the berries on the side but presentation wise it was very pretty.

The dessert plate consisted of macaroons, matcha cube??, molton lava cake and cookies.

I don't like macaroons but these bite size ones were delectable. The molten lava cake had a deep dark chocolate flavor with only a little bit of melted chocolate cake in the middle. The small bed of caramel complimented it very well. The cookies were a bit too sweet for me. It was soft of the inside and nevertheless a very good cookie. (hehe) The matcha cube was good and could be too sweet for some but I love matcha so I didn't mind it at all.

I loved this place and if given the chance I would come back. ( Though I would skip the onigiri)

Side note: DARN! I miss my stop writing this post! Haha till next time...


Monday, October 3, 2011

The Body Shop Tea Tree Gel Review

I will get straight to the point, I love their toner but this gel does nothing.... 

It's like the tea tree oil in gel form and you get less product than the tea tree oil.

I emptied this product within a month of use and it did nothing in reducing my pimples.

It does nothing... Do not buy please.....

Icky hair - Oscar Blandi pronto invisible volumizing dry shampoo

I have tried a lot of dry shampoos and this isn't one of the worst I have tried but it's not one I like.

It has this weird smell that I can't really describe and it lingers ALL DAY in your hair. It's not necessarily an unpleasant smell but I would prefer it be unscented.

It doesn't do well at controlling oil, the volumizing part doesn't last after 30 minutes, and it leaves your hair feeling heavy and gunky.

I do not like the feeling of anything in my hair, and this leaves a residue that stays there till your next shampoo.

It doesn't control the oils in my hair and it does very little to help with the oily appearance of my hair. I will not repurchase or recommend this product.

In the back of the drawer....

I found this blush that I thought would be good for fall

It has too much glitter for my taste, and is very pigmented.

I only remember using this once or twice... Hopefully I will be able to make use of it this fall

Enjoying Unemployment

So my recently unemployment has prompted me to break free of the conservative makeup I am use to and try something fun.

This was a little something extra and allowed me to use my other shadows that often get neglected.

The blue shadow I used is from the WnW blue had me at hello palette. =]

Sunday, October 2, 2011


So Tao (Blog) just posted about this Avon hydrating serum and it's on sale... She mentioned she ordered 20 of them?!?!?

...... So tempted........

Update : 10/10/11 I received a coupon code (columbus2011) for columbus day for free shipping over $10..... I caved and ordered 3 of these serums. I couldn't resist with the coupon and her recent youtube review.... I will continue on my quest for 10 pan.... however the impending sephora FF sale might deter me once again.....

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