Thursday, September 29, 2011

Veet rapid action hair removal lotion Review

I had very high hopes for this. Shaving is always a pain and im too pain adverse to epliate.

I hate this.

It smells like hair dye they mix in a hair salon. Disgusting.

It says apply a thick layer of lotion over hair and leave for 3 minutes and no longer than 6 minutes. I waited 3 minutes the rinsed. Still hairy. I reapplied and waited 5 minutes and it did tingle a bit. I noticed my hairs got longer so I assume it did pull a little bit out of the root but not enough to remove any hairs.

In the end I still had to shave.

This was a waste of money. Do not buy!!!! This is going straight into the trash. I might never try a hair removal cream again thanks to the horrible experience.


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