Friday, September 30, 2011

Life Changing

I discovered these about a year ago and have loved them ever since. I refuse to do my nails without them.

What am I talking about? Quick drying drops. I usually pick up the sephora by opi one. I am at my 3rd bottle I think and i go through it rather quickly.

I have since switched to the Sally Hansen speed dry drops. I was browsing around rite aid one day and I saw these drying drops on clearance, approximately $2 a bottle!! I grabbed all 4 bottles!!!

I picked this up earlier this year and the Sally Hansen one has lasted me a very long time! I'm just 1/4th through my first and it's been months! The opi one is taking a back seat!

I do however think the opi one is superior. It works faster and is more liquid. The Sally Hansen is a bit thicker and doesn't dry as quickly. I will probably look for alternatives once I finish these. It might not be for another year though.

I place one drop per nail and let it coat my whole nail and wait about a min till it's dry to the touch and go and wash my hands.

I don't use a top coat after I discovered this because my nails dry smudge free without a top coat. That and all my top coats have turned thick and junky and my favorite top coat has been discontinued.

I do however think my nail polish color fades after a 3 days because I am not using a top coat to "seal" in the color but... Yea... I'm still too lazy... Hehe



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