Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Skin and Cleansing

I am slightly embarrassed (and slightly proud) to say that I purchased my first facial cleanser the summer of 2009. I was 22 years old and up till that point I only washed my face with water and a washcloth. I never saw the point of using a cleanser. Why am I slightly proud you might ask? Because I had decent skin and there was no need. I did not wear makeup on a regular basis so water was more than enough for me. SO why the sudden change? I started wearing foundation because of the redness and uneven skin tone I was getting due to constantly blowing my nose. Makeup removing cloths left residue on my skin that seemed to bother me. My first cleanser? Aveeno positively radiant cleanser.

Skipping forward, what is my current routine? I do not wash my face with cleansers everyday. Sounds disgusting doesn't it? Bet a lot of people have the chills right about now.

I believe everyone's skin is different. For me, washing my face everyday offers no additional benefit. In fact I would like to keep the "tolerance" of my skin at its current level. After all stripping your skin of oils everyday cannot be good for it.

I would like to note, the days that i wear a decent amount of concealer or foundation, I will first take off my makeup with a makeup removing cloth and then cleanse with my cleanser.

What started it all.

Hi and welcome to A Passionate Obsession! 

My name is Ari and I have been inspired. At different points in your life you obsess over different things. 

My beauty obsession began with a cold. A runny nose and a cough that would not go away. The worst part of it all was I looked worse than I felt...which is pretty bad in itself. On a single trip into Sephora with a friend I discovered the magic of foundation. And thus it all began. My makeup Obsession.

I love food and I love to eat! Living in New York City and being an avid  lover of traveling, I love to try food in from different places in different places. My motto is "I will try anything once". Especially if it comes to food! I am not a food critic in anyway I just love to share good food. Once in a while you might even see me attempt some recipes!!! Though most of the time they will be desserts. *wink *wink*

A Passionate Obsession was created as a medium to allow me to record and share my experiences. I hope you enjoy my world.~~


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