Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kevin BeautyMaker Aquamarine Hydrating Serum Review

Watching reviews from Mel and Fuz, I couldn't resist the Kevin BeautyMaker Aquamarine line....

So I placed an order on www.imomoko.com

First one I would like to talk about is the Hydrating Serum....

Price on Imomoko: $19.99 for 30ml

You can watch Fuzkitte's video, she gives a good representation of product.

Ari's Take on it.
It's a gel consistency, is heavily scented (rose scent???) and even though its very light it is also very hydrating. I was very surprised at its hydration. It says its a serum but I don't feel its very serum-like....? I just see it as a moisturizer.

I do like this product. I wanted to love it....but I don't. The scent lingers way too long and it gives me a headache. This product has taught me that I am not a fan of rose scented items.... and I think it is making me break out! *sniff*

Packaging: 8/10
Price: 6/10
Results: 8/10 (even though it made be breakout the hydration results were good)
Scent: 3/10 (Rose scented)
Texture: 10/10
Repurchase: No
Holy Grail: No

Overall if your not allergic to this, it is a good product. I am not into scented items where the scent lingers. It was hydrating enough that I would recommend it to others but I would note, it did make me break out... which is sad ... QQ

FTC Disclosure: I am not sponsored or affiliated with any of the companies / websites listed above and all items were purchased with my own money.


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