Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Eyeliner and Recent Purchase! - Lancome Artliner

I have almost given up on pencil lining. It smudges like no tomorrow on my monolids. As for gel liner, I have yet to learn the precision to work with this product. Though I think I found a new way to line my waterline. A little more testing before I get into that.

I was playing with the cheapy ELF liner and as much as it was easy to use, I doubt it would last all day without smudging. (Though I have not tried it.)

Was planning on getting the raved drugstore eyeliner Maybeline Linear Intense. Thought I would wait for a BOGO before I purchase it and then I ran into this website.

(By The Way thats the card that came with my order, not sure when that code expires but feel free to use it! Sorry for the bad picture.)

They sell department store items and a very low price. Drop by and see if anything interests you!

After hearing over and over again how great Lancome Artliner was I decided to give it a try. The only thing that stopped me is the price. $29 dollars for an eyeliner. Since I was such a newb I didn't think it was a good idea to purchase it.... HOWEVER on beautyisrelative it was only $14.50! The Maybeline one was similar is price anyways so I decided to try it! (Not to mention FREE SHIPPING on all orders!!!)

(My very first Swatch! xD)
I just recieved it today and my first thoughts are the pigmentation is good. Very Black. It applied very smoothly and it came out pretty well even for a newb like me. However after I applied it and it smudged when I relaxed my eyelids. (Monolid fold) So we can say it has a very wet consistency. Ran the swatch on my hand over water and it ran. Not very waterproof. Detailed review to come.....

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