Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bare Escentuals BareMinerals Matte SPF 15 Foundation Review

I wanted to talk about the Bare Escentuals bareMinerals® Matte mineral foundation. This was my very first mineral foundation and I love it. I have never tried the original formula but I have read that it makes a lot of people break out. This matte one intrigued me and Sephora had a mini set with a kabuki and I was sold!

I purchased this in early November and I still have yet to finish it. I do not use this everyday, about 4 days a week. I would say I still have a decent amount left. (At least a month and most likely even more)

I purchased the mini set above and it comes with a kabuki and .05oz of product. (Full size is .2oz) I would like to make it clear right now if your going to buy this DO NOT buy the one with the kabuki. It is scratchy and pokes my skin and I do not like it at all!!!

Foundation on the other hand, I do love. Does it keep my face matte? Yes and no. It keeps the majority of my face matte, all except for my nose. Now keep in mind, I have normal skin all except for my shiny nose. (It bothers me and I am looking for a solution) I am not sure how much coverage I should be expecting but I can say that it evens out my skin tone and covers a good amount of redness that I have.

Lasting power is okay. I would say five hours give or take. I do not use a primer just a moisturizer. Early in the morning I do not have the time nor would I want to apply on so much gunk on my face. *wink*

Now I mentioned that the kabuki in my mini kit is horrible, so you might wonder how I apply it. I use the E.L.F. studio flat top powder brush. (I LOVE THIS BRUSH! I have two!) The brush is extremely dense and soft and I usually do 3 taps. One tap for each cheek and one last one for my forehead nose and chin. I just swirl my brush in the cap after each tap and apply in circular motions on my face. (Buffing it in)

Lastly I want to add that I have to wear blush afterwards so I would appear less pale. Now it does not wash me you per say however I am very very light skinned and when you cover up the redness I look even more pale than before. A little blush just brightens up my complexion.

Packaging: 8/10 (The full size has the swivel where you can "lock" it so it won't leak out)
Price: 8/10 ($28 dollars for the full size and it will last)
Coverage: Medium
Lasting Ability: 8/10
Results: 7/10 (Because it does not keep my nose matte)
Repurchase: Yes
Holy Grail: No (I would buy it again but it has yet to WOW me)


  1. When you do feel a solution, please let me know. My nose is very shiny and has visible pores.

  2. For such a popular brand, i'm surprised the brushes weren't as soft as some other ones out there. I recently got the eco tools brush for my mineral makeup, though i haven't tried it yet...and it's super soft!! waay softer than the Bare minerals one, i got the bronzer one because the brushes are a lot more dense and fluffy
    my nose gets shiny too.. all i can really do is using blotting papers

  3. From look at the pictures of these sets the brushes look dangerous. I can't believe bareMInerals has such crappy brushes. I have the ELF studio brush and love it.


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